Conversations for Change (C4C) is a nonprofit agency with a major objective of empowering young people to participate more effectively in all relevant areas of development.  C4C strives to provide a platform for constructive discussions about current topical issues for development and specially targets the involvement of young people in as effective and inclusive a manner as possible.

Initial efforts are focused on talented young people aged 15-40, in the belief that they are ready to embark on being valuable and creative members of their society and therefore are most in need of the inspiration, empowerment, guidance and support to do so.


Our vision

The Vision of C4C is to create a world where young people/minds are inspired, motivated and empowered to find their niche in society and use their skills and talents in improving their societies/countries and indeed the world.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Mead

Our intentions

  • Connecting to ‘young minds’ (15 – 40 year olds) around the globe.
  • Harnessing the plethora of communication technologies currently available for effectively reaching a large population of young people.
  • Providing relevant and accurate information about issues important for young people’s engagement in society.
  • Facilitating conversations, discussions and dialogue which are constructive, factual and which focus on truly critical issues for development, by hosting weekly discussion forums accessible by everyone.
  • Through these conversations, identifying, encouraging and supporting actions which would address deficiencies and ensure lasting change. These include informing advocacy and policy changes where and when necessary.
  • Providing opportunities for empowerment of young people in close collaboration with partners through sponsorship and internships.
  • Continually revisiting discussions and actions to evaluate and assess the results and ensure genuine contribution to the empowerment, participation and contribution of young people to progress and development.