Nigeria's Independence Day- A Time To Reflect

On this day in 1960, Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria, got her independence from British colonial rule, and today the country celebrates 56 years of self-governance and sovereignty. 

A country rich in resources and intellect, Nigeria continues to strive for excellence, but is yet to reach its full potential as the Giant of Africa with a seat on the world table.

But, in the midst of the trying times of economic recession and social unrest currently faced by the country, a strong glimmer of hope persists. Nigeria has a great youth population, brimming with knowledge, ideas and possibilities, eagerly awaiting their turn at leadership. Young people in Nigeria are learning to hold their government accountable, to demand their rights and to put the country in a global context.

There are great expectations for the future, and Nigeria can get to the promised land if the right things are done. The potential for exponential growth can be actualized with strategic investments in education, healthcare, employment, technology, culture and tourism. Today is a day of reflection by the government and the citizens of this great nation, and resolutions must be made and followed through. All Nigerians must play their part in raising the nation to greater heights. Here's to a brighter and better future!

Happy Independence Day!

God bless Nigeria.