The World Is Very Young, And Here's The Proof!

Previously, we've discussed the sheer number of young people in the world today. These figures and graphs show the results of  thorough population research, and the implications of these statistics are quite staggering.

Data from

Data from

As at 2015, a whopping 90% of the Sub-Saharan population are under 50! Europe has the lowest percentage, which is still in the majority at 60%.

Africa's population is projected to keep growing at an exponential rate in the coming years. Theoretically, this means that all things being equal, the youth population will grow at the same rate.


Africa in particular is a tremendously young continent. The average African is in their teens.

This map illustrates the youth of the continent. Obviously, there is great potential for the utilization of these vast human resources for development. A youthful population typically translates to a great and vigorous workforce.

But is this the case?

The data depicted here shows that a remarkable percentage of the population in areas like Sub-Saharan Africa, southern Asia and some parts of South America are young people. Even in more developed regions, over half of the population are under 30. 

What we can see from the evidence is that huge numbers of young people populate our world today. Africa in particular has an astonishingly huge proportion of their total population under the age of 50.

But does this translate to adequate or sufficient representation and involvement of this age group in all relevant sectors? We want to know what you think. Join the discussion!