The Insta Frenzy - I

Features! Features!! Features!!! We can never get enough of them, especially from platforms that define social communications. A new feature on social media is like a new trend in fashion; these features make each platform uniquely unique, and Instagram is not left out……

This train that began with the post "Art of Social Media" has finally arrived at Instagram’s terminal point. Lol….and yes! It is INSTAGRAM and there is a new frenzy about it. Being one of the coolest social sites, Instagram has been able to keep its users engaged and consistently interested in its use. It should perhaps be more aptly titled the ‘app for the androids’ since you need a phone to fully enjoy it, this has not deterred any of its 200 million daily users (who are largely below the age of 39). It is obvious that the more you know about Instagram, the better you will be at using it. So let’s begin…..

1.       Pictures- Instagram lives and breathes pictures! Instagram is all about them and the moments they capture. Certainly this would best explain the use of phones for Instagram, as users can take pictures and post immediately, without having to go through uploading from the gallery of their phones.

2.       Insta Story- This feature has got to be one of my favorites. The fact that I can keep up with moments and daily features of my followers especially that of celebrities & TV personalities that I love, is a daily joy. Insta story allows you to post a video or a picture as it's happening live or of things that happened a few hours ago. Since it lasts for just 24 hours, an insta story is meant to tell how your day is, using videos and pictures. A few words and hashtags are allowed; emojis and filters are also part of this feature.

3.       The Filters- the newest revamped feature. I guess Instagram has decided to raise their bar, with new features called the famous ‘8 face filters’. The gold crown, koala bear, nerd, bunny ears, butterfly crown, ice crown, peacock and make up filters have certainly placed Instagram on a competitive edge with Snap Chat. The latter had always been the reigning champion of the filters, but Instagram is sure giving them stiff competition.

4.       The Hashtags- there are no Instagram post without hashtags! It just isn't the norm. Hashtags have found their home here. Some posts have as  much as 10- 15 hashtags. Other platforms do make use of them, but with the 140 characters restriction by Twitter, it is much easier to express oneself on Instagram. The commonly used hashtags are #love #instagood #lol #tbt #photooftheday #instamood #iphonesia #picoftheday #instadaily #instagram #follow #nofilter. The key is to use the trending hashtags at each moment you post.

5.       The ‘DMs’- these are the ‘Direct Messages’, more like your inbox. Love certainly has been known to kick off from such messages. The BankyAdesua love did blossom through The love emoji makes it even more interesting. Apart from the dating advantage, it is easier to send pictures via this feature, without any need for edits. The DM icon is always at the far end right of the page.

6.       Business Profile- Instagram is more like a market place; a virtual market hub. Products are sold via Instagram and business contacts are made, especially through the direct messages. Many organizations have their brand page on Instagram, and this allows for them to showcase their goods/ what they do. The business profile is one feature that makes your account more corporate and official, thereby made distinct from the usual fun users of Instagram. You can actually make money/ gain clients via Instagram, and this feature allows you to do so; by adding your phone contact(s), email address and office address, Instagram links up your account to your official page on Facebook, and places your contact information on your page, hence anyone who goes to your page, and likes what you offer, can easily get in touch with you. 

The Insta features are inexhaustible on one post, so do follow our blog series for the concluding part of this post.

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