A World Shaped and Molded by Mothers

We celebrated Mothers' Day a few weeks ago. However in reality, everyday should be Mothers' Day. A mother is that special! Her love knows no bounds! She is diligent, strong, passionate, intuitive, supportive and constantly dedicated to her kids and family. She never tires - 24 hours sometimes is never enough, working round the clock just to make sure everything is OK. How amazing are the sacrifices, how precious are the moments with her. She is irreplaceable. She is a MOTHER!

She will rather starve than see you go hungry. When you're sick, she forgets everything else but you. She is a blanket for her children when they are cold. Daily, you are her priority. A mother is soft, gentle and tenderhearted, yet she becomes a ‘mamazilla’ when her cubs are in danger. She unconditionally protects and serves. She corrects and forgives at the same time. Her worth is undeniable.

The bedrock of a good society depends on the existence of mothers. They are an epitome of what true service and loyalty is.  The world is a better place because of them. Hence, her celebration exceeds the 14th of May. Rather it should be an everyday act of honor.

At C4C, one of our important initiatives is on young female mentorship. A program that helps our young girls become successful women and the super mums of tomorrow. We believe that mothers deserve every support they need to be the best to their world, whether at home or at work.

As a generation of youths, we know our mothers are our biggest fans and will always have our backs no matter what! Their words of wisdom shape us into better people. Where would we be without our Mothers?!

Happy Mother's Day.