Once upon a time, long before the name ‘Nigeria, Ghana, Sweden, Australia came to be; the world was a collection of kingdoms. The black man had gold, natural resources and magic in abundance; magic so good it just had to be coined, BLACK MAGIC. Trade and business transactions sounded like this –

‘The Benin kingdom needs to purchase A THOUSAND HORSES from Arabian merchants’

Yes, trade and transactions ran that far, as did the population. One man equaled numerous wives and children - the numbers have always been there. SURVIVAL was the top priority of every kingdom, every community, every hamlet, group, homestead, clan, you name it. Slaves were of EVERY RACE AND COLOR, SKIN COLOR.

Once upon a time when the search for power became strong, curiosity fed knowledge and GREED won. Today we are ‘COUNTRIES’- total supremacy of our tribal identifications stripped off. The day Nigeria embraced ‘Civilization’, we became TRIBELESS.

So, rather than DIVIDE TO RULE, we should act ‘Civilized’ and DO WHAT IS RIGHT. Not because a southerner has been there for too long it’s time for the North to take over POWER. But because Umar is a more qualified candidate than Segun. It is time for the struggle of ‘the more dominant or better tribe’ to END. We are all distinct, different and unique. So how can you even think competing is healthy. IT IS POINTLESS.

Research has shown, there’s more strength in a pride of 50 lions than in separate prides of 10 lions. Dear Nigerian youth, we have the numbers. OUR STRENGTH IS IN OUR NUMBERS. It is time to show the stuff that we are made of. Enough of all the cacophony. IT IS TIME TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT, IT IS TIME TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT. IT IS TIME TO USE THE STRENGTH AND POWER WE HAVE BECAUSE OF OUR LARGE NUMBERS AND VOTE FOR THE RIGHT PERSONS TO MAKE OUR COUNTRY BETTER! #NotTooYoungToRun!!!  


Yours Faithfully,

A tired Nigerian Youth.

Princess Nnenna Ibeh.