Right to the Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violation

In so many countries and regions of the world, human rights continue to be violated on a daily basis! When we keep silent, we become in a way also responsible for these atrocities. Here in Nigeria, I am still reeling from the recent Nigerian elections that were marred by violence and disenfranchisement. Lives were lost. Nigerians were hurt and many denied their electoral franchise. It was a tragic violation of human rights. It is time for all but particularly the young people amongst us, to say NO. Our future should not be defined by violence and denial of our basic human rights.

At painful times like these, it is easy to lose hope, to give up. It is easy to be quiet, to cower in the corner and tremble. My brothers and sisters, we will do ourselves and our nation a great disservice if we do not speak out against these injustices. We can no longer allow ourselves to be governed by fear, corruption, and injustice.


On this day for the right to the truth concerning gross human rights violations and for the dignity of victims, I call on all Nigerians to honor the lives lost during these elections by demanding for justice, to seek the truth, to ask these questions. Who empowered the so-called “political thugs” to wreak havoc on our nation? Who should we really hold accountable for these killings? Why are our rights being ignored? When does it all end? Let us, like the late Archbishop of El Salvador and human rights advocate Oscar Arnulfo Romero advocate for the promotion and protection of our human rights. It is our lives. It is our future that is being jeopardised.