Social Media as a Lenten Activity

For many of us know, Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the Lenten period for all Christians. The beginning of the 40 days journey to Easter.

For thousands of us Christians out there, each Lenten period is a period for reflection, during which we undertake to find more ways to come closer to God through more praying, fasting and almsgiving.

This year, as the journey began, I had the privilege to be at mass on Ash Wednesday and listened to the Priest talk about various ways in which we could observe this years’ lent in meaningful, innovative and enriching ways. As he continued with the sermon, he talked about what appeared to him to be a pervading problem, if not an addiction in our society. The compulsive use of social media, particularly by young people. He suggested that perhaps as part of the fasting this Lenten season, that people could decide to abstain from interacting on their social media platforms, for several hours of the day! Wow!

However, for someone like me who works in an organization where the use of social media is central to our work, it was obviously an unrealistic request. And that gave birth to another and perhaps more productive suggestion for the use of social media this season. Why don’t we all find innovative and concrete ways of actually using social media for good; using social media to enrich and bless lives! After hours of brainstorming with colleagues, we came up with the following suggestions about how this can be done. Some of our suggestions included: 

  •   Stronger efforts not to share fake news by checking validity before deciding to share.

  •  Sharing more of positive and feel good stories.

  •   Not sharing any news that will cause dissent or hatred to all extent possible, even when the information is true

  • Sharing more bible reflections

  • Sharing articles and pieces that only promote and encourage peace, unity, religious tolerance and above all love.

Come and join us in this Lenten challenge! Together we can make it happen by individually contributing in our own little way in using social media as a mechanism for prayer and positivity during this Lenten journey with the Lord.

Ogochukwu Okeke