It’s May 1st - Another Workers Day!

Another year !!! Yesterday was workers’ day. Yeaaaaahh! If you’re lucky like me, it’s a day off work!  Another day to lie in bed, savour the pleasure of not having to rush off to catch your commute to work. But it is beyond just that. It is a day in which I can celebrate myself and every other employee getting the job done; meeting every target; working late and even through the weekends sometimes. A day where I celebrate the “wheew” moments! Moments like when your boss and clients are pleased with your job or when you just narrowly escaped being sacked for a misdemeanour. Today I celebrate myself, and every other worker out there, who on a daily basis self develops their skills so as to be better at what they do. it is a day off from the never ending race for the best employee of the month!!

In a nutshell, workers are worth celebrating..... take off the workers and the entire world shuts down, including its governments and billion dollar companies.  Workers in the final analysis make it all happen.

But a few questions on my mind - if we are that important, why do some employers not treat their staff as such? I am grateful I have a good boss, but some of my friends have not been so lucky. They get poorly paid and paid late; they have non-conducive work environments; have to work extra hours without benefits or at least a pat on the shoulder. Why does sexual assault and harassment still exist in the workplace? Can’t we at least feel safe in a place that we spend most of our time during the day? Why should increase of minimum wage be a prolonged discussion? If the workers don’t get paid well enough, then how effective will they be? Why should I earn close to nothing because I desperately need a job? Why should racial discrimination be condoned in any office? Why is gender discrimination still allowed? Why should I earn less because I wear a skirt? Shaking tables? I think we should!


Workers day should also be a day for the global call for better treatment of workers. A day for bosses to remember that happy staff equals happy clients and promotes productivity.

This is our moment to speak up; to share our experiences. Even if you have do so anonymously, share it either ways. Respond to this post on the comments section below. Get those comments in. Let us know your best and worst moments as an employee. But while at it, remember to enjoy every moment life brings.

Happy Workers Day!!