The acute nature of unemployment and its underlying issues in Sub-Saharan Africa and many other countries around the world has prompted the need for immediate and lasting solutions. A 2016 International Labour Organisation report on Sub-Saharan Africa projected a youth unemployment rate of 10.8 percent, and pegged the population of working youth living in extreme or moderate poverty at 64.4 million. These figures hardly reflect the continuous struggle by various governments to tackle the herculean task of creating productive jobs for the burgeoning population of young people within their countries.

There is a growing need for young people to be supported, not only to create means of livelihood for themselves, but also to improve their societies through their initiatives; the need for young people to be set on the path towards becoming not just entrepreneurs, but economically empowered individuals. Our Mission therefore is to galvanize an entrepreneurship movement among many more young people in Sub-Saharan Africa. A movement fueled by effective and timely support that provides required skills, knowledge and financial support, and which will substantially increase their chances of success in a volatile business environment.

To achieve this feat, activities that make up our entrepreneurship initiative include a series of blog posts - the Entrepreneurship Series, the C4C Global Entrepreneurship Fellowship, and seminars held in partnership with our esteemed partners.



The c4c Global Entrepreneurship fellowship

Starting in Nigeria, this year-long life changing opportunity aims to support young entrepreneurs to develop, operationalize, and sustain a social enterprise with support from C4C and partners. We hope to reach as many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa as possible in the near future. C4C will broker opportunities so that more young people can apply their ideas and skills and launch new businesses to improve themselves, their communities and countries and thus secure their future and create the change we need in the world.

Members of the C4C GEF will go through an intense two-week workshop during which they will be guided through setting up a thriving small business; after which they will receive seed grant and ongoing support to facilitate the building and sustenance of their business ideas. Exciting, right?!   


entrepreneurship series

These series of posts are specially designed to encourage, help, inform, and to increase the chances of success of young entrepreneurs around the world.