Welcome to My Corner

I find myself compelled but also deeply privileged to have this opportunity within this crucial work that we do as C4C, to share the personal and somber reflections of my heart with you all. These thoughts or if you like ramblings will be periodic and will cover a wide range of issues which strike me as pertinent in our world today.

Dr. Kechi Ogbuagu

Dr. Kechi Ogbuagu

It is my sincere hope that people who read these reflections will do so with an open mind and that they will bear with me if they do not necessarily agree with the views expressed. I hope that they will give their due consideration to the issues addressed. Most of all, it is my hope that the young minds who read and ponder, will ultimately be enriched , strengthened and inspired for good and positive action to make our world a better place.

Please stay with me. I urge you to comment and contribute as you see fit. Lets work together to make our world a better place for all, especially the young of our world.