C4C Launches a Crowd Funding Campaign for one of her Entrepreneurs, Bilkisu Garba Diallo


Bilkisu is one of C4C’s Global Entrepreneurship Fellowship Programme (GEFP) beneficiaries. She is an upcycler, an interior designer, an architect who has a strong passion for environmental sustainability. She runs an enterprise known as TUPA ( The Upcycle Architect). Up cycling is basically, creating beautiful architectural, furnishing and interior decoration items from junks and trash. Though relatively new in this part of the world, up cycling is slowly but surely becoming a big enterprise, a source of income-generation through environmental sustainability


It’s amazing how much unimaginably beautiful pieces can be created from things we generally classify as waste products and even more awesome is the fact that it’s a huge income-generating enterprise. Hence, upcycling is the answer to a lot of issues in our environment.


It is very important that we preserve our environment. We don’t have a choice, because it’s the only one we have. Therefore, there is an urgent need for young people to begin now to imbibe the culture of environmental sustainability and more so, make a living from it. Thus, we hope that people donate generously to this noble cause. Together, we can make our world a better place.

Account Details

Bilkisu Garba

GTBank, 0153092825