The C4C Youth Mentorship Initiative

At C4C, we believe that young people are key drivers for socio-economic development and their rights are fundamental in creating the necessary change for development. As a result, we have created a mentorship initiative to enable young people to realize their full potential. This initiative aims to provide various topics and mentoring that matter to the youth- from branding to financial management, networking to career building and self-development to self-protection.

At CONVERSATIONS FOR CHANGE (C4C), our aim is to educate, inspire, empower and provide the necessary encouragement to enable young people realize and actualize their full potential.

The effective use of modern media like Documentary films, Soap Operas, Jingles, Radio shows and TV shows to impact, enlighten, mentor and empower young people. Owing to this, we will produce programmes that support key issues which are relevant to the youth; issues such as Health (particularly, Maternal Health and Family Planning), Demographic Dividend, Employment and Entrepreneurship.

Under this initiative, we have the following activities:

•          A TV/Radio show which C4C will use to engage elders, especially the top leaders in authority to discuss and interact with young people on relevant issues. C4C will also use this avenue to engage outstanding business managers/distinguished people who will use their professional and life experiences to educate young people on how to be great achievers.

•          “Lets Talk” –A TV/Radio show which is aimed at bringing in young people together to interact with each other on contemporary gender issues.

•          Regular Soap Opera – a series of soap operas that will serve as a mechanism for influencing young people in accepting correct practices which will help them achieve their goals in life

There is also the C4C- CLUB 12 joint initiative which is aimed at mentoring young people in finding their niche in society.

Club 12 and C4C feel duty bound to reach out to empower and support them, as they deal with life’s challenges and strive to achieve their full potentials. The idea to hold a yearly seminar /conference was borne of this perceived need; each year , a different topic/issue as relative to young people is addressed, in which at the end of the conference, every youth in attendance is better informed and equipped to deal with the challenges faced in such area(s).