What Do We Do?

what do we do conversations for change

Our strategies and modus operandi have been put in place to ensure we take advantage of the powerful reach of the social media and modern communication technologies as tools to ensure that we engage a significant number of young people. 

In this light, we have created a vibrant platform for continuing information provision, dialogue and discussions designed to spur the youth to engage, and have their opinions and voices heard. This will give them the information, ability, skill and power to constructively engage in national discourse and if necessary ask that their legitimate needs be met. Our presence in the major social media platforms, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube and Instagram, ensures that we reach a large portion of the youth population everywhere.

Our specific interventions consist of providing information on key empowerment youth issues and facilitating relevant, civil and fact-based conversations via various platforms, on these issues.

For the conversations, we post articles on current, topical issues which are factual and analytical, and which aim to stimulate intelligent, critical discussions. We also accept opinion ‘think pieces’ from members of the public who wish to contribute their perspective on these issues. Once a week, we host a high standard moderated conversation or forum which anyone can log into, in order to be a part of these important discussions. This facilitates exchange of ideas between large groups of young people and results of discussions are used to inform and seek for advocacy and policy changes when necessary. We are aware of the challenges associated with social media, considering its high susceptibility to inflammatory news and opinions. Therefore, our content is specially designed to support informed decision making, and effect positive changes where this is necessary. 

what do we do conversations for change

We are also very committed to the direct empowerment of young people through direct mentorship and support for projects and schemes. A youth network has been carefully selected for this aspect of our initiative. Working in very close collaboration with likeminded partners, these young people will be provided with opportunities for sponsorships, internships and learning within various contexts. We support the sharing of creative ideas by featuring people, particularly other youths who have made impressive strides in their chosen career paths and are eager to tell their stories.

We are excited about the progress we have made so far, and strongly believe that our efforts will ensure that many more young minds will indeed become not only part of the global discourse and global development, but through the support being provided launch themselves and into gainful enterprises.