Online Activism : The Good, The Bad and The Responsible

As we discussed before, the internet has brought with it unprecedented access to information. This information has far-reaching effects, one of which is galvanizing people into mass action. People are able to experience global issues as they are happening, which means that reactions are intense and more purposeful.

The internet has so far been a significant avenue for activism and has facilitated many successful mass movements, both physical and virtual. With hashtags like Bring Back Our Girls, Black Lives Matter and the Occupy movements across the globe, the internet has proven time and again to be an efficient vehicle for the quick and effective rallying of concerned people to tackle social issues. Young people all over the world now have an ability to communicate with each other and mobilize themselves for good or, in unfortunate cases, for destructive purposes.

There is definitely a flip side to having so much power.  Because of the lack of censorship, as well as fundamental differences in beliefs and behavior of internet users, it is unfortunate that certain mass action activities have led to destruction and further division.

However, we at C4C see this as a great potential for good, where, armed with the right information and a sufficiently wide reach, this new and exciting ability to mobilize and unify ourselves into positive action is immense and possible. We see it as an opportunity for youths to learn to do this effectively and therefore use their collective force to demand for and claim positive change for the good of their communities, countries and the world.

We are mindful of the fact that the change must be well-planned and managed, to prevent it from dissolving into chaos and suffering as has been seen before in countries like Syria, Egypt and Libya. All too often, history has shown that this is a very probable outcome, and it is important to preempt and prevent such a derailing of intended results. Therefore unity, respect for life and property and an adherence to law and human rights; are the watchwords in this movement for positive change. Let us come together and harness our collective power for positive change in support of millions of young all over the world.