The Art of Facebook - I

Yes! Facebook is one of the coolest social media platforms in existence. It has revamped itself so many times that I am always excited about using it. There is always something new.

It is quite amazing that on Facebook I can share my old memories and posts; though there are some I would rather not remember. Like the period you go through a break-up and make the silly mistake of posting something online. You can imagine my shock when Facebook suddenly asked if I wanted to re- share my old memories, and of course it was that mortifying post that came up. I immediately declined, and you sure bet I deleted it as fast as I could!

It is exciting to be able to celebrate years of friendship with Facebook friends, again though there are some we would rather un-follow. But there are many friends that we do appreciate, and will always be grateful to Facebook for reuniting us with them. Like our good buddies way back from secondary school and forgotten exes from university. It is always a lovely experience.

I am sure by now it is obvious that this post is all about Facebook. But, the focus will be on what is unique and new about it, as well as how best you can use those features. Our previous post discussed the commonalities of social media platforms, hence, I will definitely not bore you with the general features. These ones are specific to Facebook.

They include:

1.     Live Streaming videos- On April 6th, 2016, Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook live, and it tops my list of best features on Facebook. You get to experience and share events right as they are happening and it is so easy to do. Just by clicking on the link "What's on your mind?" and tapping on the symbol for video stream and you are live to all your friends. During the launch of our Social Media Strategy, most of our followers were able to watch the event through this feature, and so we were able to get more people involved in what we were doing. Amazingly, you can also comment on the live videos just as it's happening.

2. Reaction Emojis- they are not the usual emojis we use while chatting, but more like reaction buttons to someone's post. Instead of just a 'like' option, Facebook has given us more ways to react to what we read. Whether we are shocked,  angry or sad about it; or probably we just find the post very funny - there are reaction emojis to meet those needs. By hovering on the 'like' button, the different reactions will show, and you get to choose the one you want. This feature has made interacting with posts more personal and interesting. Besides, there is a new update where, the more reactions you get, the more visibility you win for your post on news feed. So, get clicking guys!

3. Facebook Stories- Since Instagram was bought by Zuckerberg, it was not a surprise to see a merge in features - the 'Facebook Story'. This allows you tell your moments and create your own scenarios, with your camera doing the talking. It covers your pictures, short videos, and the use of filters to best describe what's on your mind.



4. The "Lookbacks"- I had begun the post by sharing my first experience with this feature, and how my heart almost stopped in dismay when an old embarrassing post came up. So I must say, this particular feature is quite interesting, because you get the chance to relive moments you have earlier shared (like, years back). But be sure it is not a post you would rather forget, before clicking the share button and all your friends get to see it again!

There is also the fact that Facebook creates content that help you celebrate years of friendship with friends you have on your page. Now, this is extremely cool because some people, like my secondary school mates have been great buddies on Facebook. So, am guessing it's thumbs up for Facebook on this one.

5.  Relationship Status- It is no wonder that Facebook is one of the favorite social media platforms for dating and building relationships. You can easily search up about a potential date by just checking about their relationship status. Hence, with Facebook, you will know whether there is a green light or you need to let go. All you have to do is go to the user's profile page, click on 'about', then you get several options as regards the user's information; just click on 'family and relationships' and you get to know.

 6. Discussion Forums- Creation of groups/events page on Facebook is gaining trends daily, but what I find more exciting is the discussion forums. Just with having a Facebook account, you have access to create any forum as you deem fit. This feature has made it easier to communicate with a larger group, and to get inputs on many different/specific issues.

I can never exhaust the art of Facebook in one post. There are so many beautiful features to talk about.

So, do follow our blog series for the Part II. It's definitely going to be an exciting ride.