The Art of Facebook II

Hi guys, it sure has been an amazing journey going through the unique features of Facebook. our previous post covered some of its latest applications, but now let's deal with some more interesting features.

1.       Like/Follow Button: This isn't a new feature on Facebook but it is unique in the fact that adding a friend is quite different from following a page. Facebook has been able to differentiate between individual accounts and organizations. It clearly differentiates a real being from an abstract one, and this is very easy to do. A click and you are friends or following. Such options always come up when you're searching for old buddies or when Facebook itself suggests friends to you.

2.      Facebook Messenger: Personal messages between users on Facebook are fashioned in chat formats and not the old method of inbox messages. It took a while before I could get used to this new feature. I thought something was wrong with my Facebook inbox because as I clicked on ‘message’, it linked me to the chat messenger of the user. Although, I think many users miss the inbox style; it was easier to access old messages with the former.

3.      Facebook Ads: All social media platforms provide an option for users to advertise their goods and pages and improve followership and readership. However these paid for options on Facebook have been contentious in recent times. A significant number of likes/clicks seem to be coming from bots/click farms and Facebook appears to have done nothing to address customers complaint about this. So if you are going to pay for a Facebook Ad, I will suggest you research, as regards advertising on Facebook, to give you a better understanding of it.



4.      Timeline: It would seem like I love Facebook more than other sites, but I just enjoy the fact that my page does not get cramped up with both old and new posts; Facebook breaks down posts into timelines of years. Hence, it is easier to read through anyone’s page, instead of having to scroll for so long to view an old post. Besides, if you need to view old posts, all you have to do is click on the year.

5.      Birthdays & Events: This is indeed a lovely Facebook feature. Many like me, might never have remembered friends' birthdays if it had not been for Facebook. This is a special feature because you get reminders about friends’ birthdays and upcoming events that might interest you. It’s intriguing how Facebook shuffles from thousands of events, just so you could see which it believes will be profitable. It vigorously and persistently prompts your friend over and over again about your birthday and contributes significantly to that great feeling of being loved and remembered by so many friends on that your special day of the year!

6.     Turn off Notifications: Facebook settings give you the privilege of turning off notifications if you just don’t want to be disturbed. Although, I enjoy being up to date about what’s happening on my page, some people don’t want to be bothered. If you fall among the latter, no need to worry. It is as simple as going to your Facebook settings and clicking on the option to turn off notifications; more like the 'Do Not Disturb' sign of social media. You can also decide to keep birthday notifications on, while turning off the rest; Facebook gives you that option.

Embedding Posts and Social Plug-ins are some of the new features; features that have made Facebook one of the largest online nations on planet earth.

However, I am certain there are more things about Facebook, which you find interesting. So do share with us. You can also follow us on Facebook via the handle- "Conversations for Change".

We would love your comments and feedback, as we continue our journey of knowing each social media platform in detail and maximizing its use for pleasure, education and business.