My grandfather was the most energetic man I have ever known - strong, hardworking and resilient. Until cancer struck! He got weaker and thinner as the days went by. Had one doctor’s appointment after another, several radio-therapies, and endless medications. At the end it was all a slow, painful journey till we lost him. The pain of his passing still remains......

The entire process taught me a lot. One of which is that staying healthy is non- negotiable! It has to be a conscious deliberate effort throughout the course of ones life - regular medical check-ups, healthy diets and other lifestyle changes.

We don’t have to lose our loved ones to cancer and the fight begins with you and I!

Get aware and informed, so you can help yourself and others towards being cancer-free.

A few weeks ago, on 4th February, 2019, was World Cancer Day. The theme this year was “I AM and I WILL”; a global call for a personal commitment to the fight against cancer, a commitment to stay informed and stay healthy.

As an organization, C4C enjoins every young person to get involved by staying aware and staying healthy; by eating right (lots of fruits and veggies), and making regular exercise a normal routine. NO smoking, limited intake of alcohol and regular check-ups. If every young person can start early and stay diligent in maintaining a healthy life style (using the above tips), we will reap a dividend of a cancer free world.

Yes! We can have a Cancer-Free World....