Change at Any Cost?

I believe that for real progress to be made in any sphere of life there has to be change over time. Nothing is so good that it cannot be improved upon. Improvements come with the change of something within the status quo. But the bottom line is that the change chosen and embarked upon has to be positive and has to be the one with the potential for the most good. If not it is very unlikely to result in a change for progress, a change for better, or a change for good.

As I get older and reflect on life in general, I find that we as human beings often have a short memory span. Once our immediate hardships are over and we slip into a more sustained period of relative prosperity, harsh realities of the past dim and we begin to crave for a change from the status quo. Sometimes we convince ourselves that any change has to be better than the present.

This is where the danger lies. Many recent examples in our current world bear testimony to this fact. Many recent political and other decisions have been predicated and won based on an astute understanding of the need of most people for this change from the status quo to happen. Many politically astute groups have used this call for change to win major and far reaching support from the people. A few examples deserve a mention here.

I had the privilege to be present during the recent leadership elections in Nigeria. The current ruling party won in my humble opinion, based largely on their promise of change, to an electorate, a nation craving for change. Any change from the apparently very flawed existing leadership. The voted for change did materialize but the promised good is still to be realized. People continue to suffer in large numbers. Many of the changes promised are no where to be seen.



Another notable example of the amazing effects of this overriding craving for change was again recently seen in the recent result of the Brexit. A vote for exit by the UK from the European Union which was shocking to the world and to many British citizens themselves. Apart from it’s immediate effects on the British economy many predict other negative and far reaching effects for UK and her people.

Post brexit pound plunge

Post brexit pound plunge

And yet perhaps the most shocking example is the current presidential elections in the United States of America. After 8 years of what the rest of the world sees as obvious progress and economic improvement for the United States, there appears to be a groundswell of people who are craving for change at any cost. People for whom the status quo has become intolerable. People who in order to achieve this change appear to be ready to vote in a candidate who apparently lacks every quality of true statesmanship. A groundswell of people willing to forgive and forgo all moral attributes as they crave and call for change. It is this craving for change at any cost that is disturbing.



This is why I feel it is necessary at this point to add our voice to the many thousands of people out there who know that change at any cost is not the answer to progress and good in our world. Change needs to happen for progress. But we must do our best to ensure that the change must be a change for the better. If not we end up making things worse. Our world becomes a darker one. Things deteriorate rather than improve. Millions suffer. Tragically, in many cases we are unable to undo the damage or we find that the cost of undoing it is unattainable.

As a world that is indeed very interconnected, a world that is truly global, the results of these disastrous decisions affect all of us everywhere, albeit to a greater or lesser extent. A collapse of the US economy is in the long run a collapse of the qlobal economy as we witnessed in the recent past. Thus the result of a US presidential election is a result that will affect all of us someday and in some way.

Therefore no matter where you reside or what nation you come from, we must all follow global events and recognize and accept their potential to affect all of us as a global community. We must exercise a global collective conscience and responsibility to speak and do our little bit, in our little corner, to make a difference.

In this case we must all openly declare that while change is necessary for progress, change for the sake of change is dangerous. Before we embark on collective actions for change we must be convinced by concrete facts and evidence and not emotions, that the sought for change will indeed bring good for the greater majority, especially the most vulnerable. That the change will positively and adequately address the needs of young people who bear the responsibility of the future of the world on their shoulders.

As we continue to call and work for change in C4C, we want to say it over and over again, and as emphatically as we can, that the change we seek and work for is a change for the good of the world. No other type or form of change is acceptable.  Change for the sake of change is dangerous.

As I said in my introductory post, opinions expressed here are mine and would necessarily differ from that of many of my readers. But it is a starting point for important discussions on this issue. I look forward to hearing from many of you. Please dive right in on this page and share your comments and opinions. It is our world. Lets discuss with respect and an open mind and make it better. We have a duty to do so.