What Inspires Our Entrepreneurship Series

The commencement of a new year is as usual a time for reflection. A time for new hopes and dreams and resolutions! As we move with the rest of the world into 2017, we join millions of others who are reflecting on their work so far. We reflect on progress made and not made! We reflect on why we have done some of the things we did and hope to continue to do. One such reflection is on our effort so far in supporting young people in the area of business and entrepreneurship.

Over the last few months, we have published a series of posts and articles on entrepreneurship and business, with a special focus on the needs of young people. We have endeavored to target people with minds young enough to have the courage, vision, energy and dogged persistence to go out and do what has to be done in creating successful businesses. These are the characteristics required in taking on the often perceived insurmountable difficulties of succeeding in the world of business.

We have targeted people willing to take their future in their hands and risk all, to achieve economic success on their own terms. People determined to achieve a success that does not depend on being employed by some else but on creating wealth and opportunity for themselves and for others. We have encouraged and provided vital information which we hope has helped them in becoming successful entrepreneurs.

Poverty, recession, economic hardship, and escalating unemployment figures, are all too often the recurring situation in many of our regions and countries all over the world. The situation is needless to say most acute amongst the young. They have the least finances. They are least equipped to compete for those lucrative jobs that require and insist on many years of experience. Millions of young people find themselves powerless to change their situation and sometimes even to get their voices heard and their needs addressed.

Support and empowerment to take their lives in their hands and venture into the world of business, (even if it’s small time business to begin with), seemed a logical step to us. Business is risky but so is every other thing in life. Nothing good comes easy. If many more young potential entrepreneurs were provided with the knowledge, skills and on-going support needed in their business start-up and ventures, their chances of success would be exponentially improved. This is so vitally important. It would provide a successful way out, not only for them as individuals, but for many others who are also looking for a means of livelihood. History has shown that many countries, including the United States of America, that have managed in recent times to improve their unemployment figures, did this largely through job opportunities created by private entrepreneurs, jobs created by the private sector.

And so, in addition to a rich and varied series of key and topical posts on becoming a successful entrepreneur, C4C hopes in the near future to commence a fellowship programme, working with small batches of young people. The fellowship will train and provide them with requisite entrepreneurial skills; provide them with a seed grant to support their ventures; and continue to provide on-the-job guidance and support during the early phase of their business venture.

The need is huge. It is totally doable. So we are reaching out to partners who would be willing to join us in this effort knowing fully well that we cannot do it alone.  We all have a duty and responsibility to our future generations to do this and to do it now.

If you are willing to be a partner in this effort or to be a beneficiary of the fellowship please contact us at contact@convers4change.com.

Above all please continue to visit our website and read our series of inspiring articles anchored by our lead writer on this series, Mr. Eric Anya Urum. In addition if you have inspiring experiences to share we would be honoured to work with you to write it up and share as an inspiration to all of us. 

Kechi Ogbuagu