C4C Social Media Initiative


We are dedicated to a long term effort of investing in the next generation of leaders, through creating a vibrant platform for continuing information provision, dialogue, discussions and better equipping young people.Our focus has therefore made the internet and the various social media platforms invaluable parts of our operating strategy.

This initiative works towards enabling a vibrant youth engagement in important issues by providing relevant information geared at driving constructive discussions which will result to them becoming key players in the development of their respective societies. Social media serves as the 'heart' of our strategy of having conversations which are aimed at change.

We have been able to reach a significant amount of young people with our insightful posts and game changing activities by employing the use of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a host of others. On these social media platforms we post specially designed content in the form of text, image and video designed to impact the lives of young people who will go on to lead to the world to a brighter future. 

Michael Patrick   (  Lead, C4C Social Media Initiative)

Michael Patrick (Lead, C4C Social Media Initiative)

So far, we have been able to establish a presence in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We hope to kick start the use of the other platforms, e.g. Google Plus, YouTube and LinkedIn soon with lots of exciting content which are in the works. We encourage you to follow us in order to stay updated on our activities. Together we can change the world!


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